Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have Visitors?

     Yes! Visiting coincides with our Church Services:
               Sundays 8:30am Prayer Meeting, Service at 9:30am, Visiting Ends at 4pm
               Wednesdays at 7pm, Visiting Ends at 10pm

What if I'm already a Christian?
Many men who know God have been through Calvary Ranch to renew their walk with Jesus and get closer to God.
Do you accept insurance?
No Insurance accepted
Do you have a sliding scale or and payment plans?
Calvary Ranch does not offer a sliding scale or payment plan. All donations are due upon entry into the program. We solely rely upon all donations to keep this facility running and do not accept any government monies or insurance.
Do I need to be detoxed?
Yes, nobody will be admitted that is still going through withdrawals.
Can I take my medications?
All prescription or over the counter medications must be discussed with a program director prior to entry as some medications are not allowed at Calvary Ranch.
How old do you have to be?
Eighteen years or older
Do you allow smoking?
Cigarette smoking is permitted in designated areas only. No Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Cloves, Rolling Tobacco or Electronic Cigarettes. Only unopened pre-packaged, pre-rolled cigarettes are allowed.
Can I make telephone calls or use a computer?
No telephone calls are allowed in or out for the first thirty days. There are no computers or electronic devices of any kind allowed.
Can I work or leave the property while on the program?
Residents are unable to leave the property while on the program.
Can my children come on the program with me?
No children are allowed on the program but visiting is permitted on designated days.
Are you a co-ed facility?
Do you have any doctors on Staff?
Calvary Ranch is a non-medical facility, therefore we do not have any doctors on staff.
Do you have any psychologists or psychiatrists on staff?
No, but our staff members are certified substance abuse counselors.
How long of a program should I do?
We recommend at least a thirty-day program but a fourteen-day program is available if needed and up to ninety if necessary.
Are you a licensed facility?
Yes! The state of California Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs licenses Calvary Ranch
What forms of payment do you accept?
Credit Cards, Cash & Cashier's Checks
What if I have court, probation or parole issues?
All court, probation and parole issues must be discussed prior to entry with a Calvary Ranch director.
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