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A special message from Pastor Tom McAloon founder of Calvary Ranch

We are pleased that you are considering Calvary Ranch to be your partner in assisting one or more of your congregation with their battle to be free from their addictions. When referring one of your members to Calvary Ranch, you may rest assured that all of our programs and classes are biblically based and seek God’s guidance and intervention to empower their recovery process. Our staff of trained professionals seeks God’s word when counseling, teaching or ministering to our residents.

At Calvary ranch, we like to say God transforms lives, not just habits and to that end, each of our residents is encouraged to embrace the Christian lifestyle and re-establish their ties with their home church. It is our goal to return your church member to you clean, sober and as available member of your congregation.

Please review the remainder of our website and feel free to contact us to discuss our programs and how best we can assist you in helping your congregation

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