Men's Program

The Calvary Ranch Men’s Program is carefully designed and implemented to allow the power of God to bring our residents back to their proper place as men, husbands, and fathers; setting them free from addiction, and returning them to what God intended them to be.

This highly successful approach, which has broken the bonds of addiction for thousands of men, is based upon three major components

1. First, here at Calvary Ranch, it’s God that does the healing, and it is His strength that you will draw upon to conquer your addiction. By seeking out and accepting God’s love, support, and guidance, your life will take on a new meaning and purpose that will no longer allow drugs or alcohol to keep you trapped in addiction.

2.Second, in order for you to clearly hear God's Word, you must be willing to develop discipline in your life. A daily routine of chores and seminars are designed to assist you in accomplishing that.

3.Third, Christian fellowship and support is a cornerstone to building a new life. As part of your daily routine, you’ll be interacting with others on the program, working together, studying together, and supporting one another.

You will also have constant support and attention of the Calvary Ranch staff that are available to you 24 hours a day for prayer, guidance or one-on-one talks. These dedicated professionals are personally interested in you and your path to a new clean, sober life.
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